Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chocolate, Chakras, and Catching Up

Hello there!
Happy end of April, haha! Man, does time fly when your a busy gal! April is shaping up to be my most successful month! I feel as though I am settling in to my classes as a teacher. Of course, I will always be a student, in many ways, but currently, I am enjoying finding my confidence when sitting in front of students. I imagine that if I continue to be authentic, continue to expand my knowledge, and continue to listen to my students, May will be an even better month!

In May, Modern Milk will be holding several free community classes to try to draw people in to the amazing space. If you are local or surrounding Scottsdale, AZ I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. I've bragged about them before, but it really is a great resource for any expecting and new mother! We've introduced a toddler yoga class, for babes crawling to 2 years old. I get to take Leia to it which is great, but she is still trying to find her way in the class. She is used to having ALL of mommy's attention, and while I am teaching, I can only give her so much of that attention. She notices, and begins to act out. I know that with time, this will only get better, but it can be frustrating. If another mothers child were to act out in the same way, it wouldn't even phase me. However, I have set unrealistic standards for myself and Leia, and I am realizing that sometimes having the teachers kid be the one who has a total meltdown can be good haha. I know she is picking up on the yoga though. She can now do hands at the heart, down dog, three legged down dog, tree pose, and a few pranyamas (breath work). It's amazing when suddenly your daughter will calm herself down from a tantrum by taking a deep breath! Anyways, at the end of May, I will be teaching a Chocolate Yoga class! It is my first time ever doing anything like this and I am so excited! I'm going to use a locally made, wonderfully infused chocolate and tie them in to certain yoga poses. Do a few poses, take a bite of chocolate! How wonderful does that sound?! As soon as the flyer's are posted, I will post a link here!

Things are also going great at Aloha Yoga! (BTW, it is so freeing to only be employed at 2 studios. They are in completely different areas of town and so it gives me the freedom to promote both equally). We tried doing a Family Yoga class, but it didn't stick so we are doing a VinYin style and I am SO excited! I got the idea to tie in the chakras to the classes (at least for the first 7 weeks) and the owner thought it would go perfectly with her own free Intro to the Chakras class. So far, there seems to be a lot of interested people and positive buzz surrounding the class. The first class will be on Muladhara, or the Root Chakra. I just finished creating the layout for the class and I think it is going to be great! My goal for each class is to get people in touch with each of these energy centers in the body and to find out if there are ones that are closed, open, balanced, or in disarray. Even if you don't believe in "energy centers", there are bundles of nerves exactly where each chakra is located. I've created a special sequence that will target each chakra, thus targeting those nerve bundles. I hope it is an informational and healing experience for all that attend. We've also introduced Toddler Yoga, and so far it is picking up! I expected a full class, but I am remembering that the people who need it will come to it when they are ready. Leia likes this class the best, I think because the space is huge and she has plenty of space to run around. Plus, the kids are older and more interactive! I am excited to see where this class goes as well.

Everything else in my little life is going great! I have started the regimen of prenatal, fish oils, and probiotics as we get closer and closer to trying for baby #2! I still have a "weight goal" in mind of where I would like to be before getting pregnant, but I know that if I continue to eat healthy and move my body, I will get there. My biggest problem right now is trying to cut way down on caffeine. I am realizing just how addicted to it I am and it definitely is weighing heavy on my mind. I am hoping that my doing this chakra series myself, I will find my root cause for holding onto this addicting and thus, letting it go and creating a healthier home for our 2nd babe. We are in a transitional phase, but we are ready for what lies ahead!

I am off to bed now! Letting the wind of the storm outside lullaby me to sleep. Have an awesome week everyone!

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