Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Gross Things About Pregnancy

Thus far, my pregnancy can be classified as "normal". My first trimester, I had very few days of nausea (one day of actual sickness) and was mostly just tired all the time.At the end of the first trimester, I noticed that I had spotting on and off for about a week. Worried something was wrong, I went to the doctor twice before they figured out what it was. I found out I had two infections which resulted in taking a nasty antibiotic. I am not a fan of antibiotics, but after talking with a few friends who took the same pill while pregnant with no side effects, I figured it would be better than letting the infections rage through my body and hurting le baby. As I transitioned into my second trimester, I began to get daily headaches. At the beginning, they wouldn't show up until 2pm and would only last an hour. Then they became daily, ongoing throbbing jerks that was only remedied by sleep. Which I wasn't always able to get. Luckily, for the last week or so, I haven't had a single headache. Thank goodness.

While my mind has adjusted to the idea that someone is literally growing inside of me, I still have a hard time adjusting to seeing my belly stick out every so slightly. Right now, I think I look like I just ate too many donuts (although Joe says my tum-tum looks like a more defined baby bump to him...such a good bf) and have to stop myself from trying to cover up my belly with loose fitting clothes. Body image has always been a problem for me and while logically, I know that what is happening to my body is normal and healthy, the illogical part of my brain gets grossed out seeing a rounded belly. I will say however that I am dying to feel the baby kick. I'm 90% sure I have already felt movements here and there, but I want to know positively for sure that the weird sensation I feel is the baby and not just gas.

Which brings me to the title of this post. We all know that there are cute things about being pregnant: the glowing skin, the fully developed belly, the....uh....boobs growing ;). But there is a dark, not cutesy world that goes along with being pregnant. Being that I'm going through these first hand, I thought I'd have some fun and divulge way too much information.

Again, this post is all in fun, however if you are easily made queasy or offended, don't read any further.

Gross Thing #1: There is an abundant increase in mucus. Like, to the point where I am constantly blowing my nose so I can breath. And it isn't just that I have a cold, with the increase of blood flow going on in my body, it increases the amount of mucus being created. This just isn't regular old mucus either. This is bloody mucus. Always. Every time I blow my nose. Gross.

Gross Thing #2: Abnormal bowel movements. Yes, my poops made the gross list. Listen, I am a firm believer in having regular bowel movements. Pun intended. I believe that it is necessary to go #2 at least 2 times a day. With that being said, being pregnant messes your shit up. Literally. Early on in my pregnancy, I went a few days between bowel movements. Then, I got the ok to continue taking my probiotics and that completely helped me get back to a more normal schedule. Not perfect, but ok.

Gross Thing #3: Gas...and lots of it. Does this really need any more of an explanation? I think not.

Gross Thing #4: Peeing a little when you sneeze...and laugh...and cough...
This is just...why. Why does this happen. I mean, I know why but do you know what it is like to have a sneezing fit and then have to go change your clothes? Or carry around extra undies just in case...what am I, in my sixties? I know my social life may indicate that, but my body nonetheless is in its 20's prime. So this is just more embarrassing than gross.

Gross Thing #5: Having your belly button pop out. This is more of a "things that personally make me squeamish" item. I'm hoping my belly button just stretches out. I don't care if it never goes back to regular circumference, I just can't handle having a nub sticking out of my belly.

Again, these were all in  fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Because nothing about pregnancy is serious...HA!

Really though, can any other pregnant (previous and current) women relate?


  1. After dealing with all of that and I mean all of it but I was super super sick with jack the first 4 months of my pregnancy all I can say is try to focus on all of the good wonderful fantasic moments! Once you feel him/her move... Oh it's amazing! You start to learn little tricks how to wake them up or put them to sleep, hiccups, feet stuck in your ribs and all! And you are crazy healthy and in great shape I wouldn't focus to much on how much you gain or belly buttons ( it goes back super fast ( mine didn't ever stick out though and i was way bigger then you at this point)) try to think about the bonding time you can have with your baby working out afterwards (baby yogas a blast!!!!) it also helps in teaching them early on about how important taking care of yourself is

  2. I was also veryyy concerned with the belly button issue and Dave would make fun of me and tell me that it was inevitable, but it never did! So, there's hope. You are extremely lucky that you did not get sick on the reg! And don't worry about the weight gain, I mean, I know that's easier said than done, but the way I saw it was that you never get to eat as much as you want and have it be acceptable, except when pregnant, so I went for it (until I learned that nursing makes you the hungriest person on the I still pretty much eat at all times hah). And also, in your words, your body is in it's 20's prime so it'll bounce right back!