Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Yoga Pose & Catch Up's been a while since I have posted...but we will pretend like it hasn't and continue on. Sound good?

So, I am nearing the end of my yoga teacher training program (yes, it has seriously been a while since I've posted) and I am actually beginning to create my own classes which is awesome. In fact I am hosting my first class on Saturday, January 26th.

I thought it would be fun and beneficial to post a few of my favorite yoga poses each day! Yoga poses, even when done independently, are still very good for the body and mind. Especially when done in the morning.


Tree Pose (Vriksasana

Standing with feet together and hands on hips, shift your weight onto your right leg. Inhale and raise the left foot placing it either on the inner ankle, inner calf, or inner thigh. DO NOT place it on the knee joint (this is how knee injuries occur). Exhale and bring the hands into the hearts center (prayer pose). Find a focus point to help balance.  Your pose should look like one of these:

 Foot on inner ankle.
 Foot on inner calf.
 Foot on inner thigh.

Keep your shoulders relaxed and down the back, extend energetically through the crown of the head, lengthening your spine. Try to keep both hips pointing forward. If your leg isn't flexible enough to turn outward, simple lift the leg to a 90 degree angle.
 To work on flexibility, you can sit in butterfly (sitting with feet touching so that the legs form a diamond shape). Holding onto the feet, having the elbows as close to the knees as possible, and without rounding the back, begin to hinge at the hips forward towards your feet. Practice this pose a few times a week to improve hip flexibility.
Holding your tree pose for a few deep inhales/exhales, lower the foot SLOWLY back down, release the hands and shake out the hips. Inhale, and repeat on the other side.
If your feeling adventurous Half locus vrikasana is a great way to achieve a deeper stretch. To achieve this pose (again, only if your body will allow it), place the top of the foot on the crease where the hips meet the thigh. Make sure to flex the foot, pointing the toes, to protect the knee. 

  • Strengthens and stabilizes the legs
  • Helps those with knee pain
  • Creates inner peace and balance 

Try to do a tree pose everyday! You will be amazed at how one pose can benefit the body.

So...any updates on my life you may be asking? Well, my car is a few months away from being paid off! Yippee! I do have a special announcement coming stay tuned for that! Other than is pretty normal. I am working a new job at a vitamin store. I am learning a ton. School is going good, also learning a ton. Yep...pretty boring. I am excited for my special announcement. That will spice up my life! 

One of my New Years resolutions was to deepen my yoga practice at home. I have been doing some videos, but mostly just creating a practice as I go along. It has really been helping me learn the poses better and get a feel of how I want to teach them. It is giving me more confidence, which is awesome.

If anyone is interested, I can give them some great, inexpensive yoga video recommendations. 
What are some of your favorite yoga poses? Which poses would you like help on?

Namaste friends!


  1. Wait, I've been having TERRIBLE knee pain lately (I think it's all the crazy ways I bend down to pick up Harrison, while holding Harrison, etc etc..) so its perfect that you posted about tree pose! I need to try it. Hopefully it helps with my pain!

  2. Yes! When you do it, just start with that standing knee in a little, microbend. Don't lock the knee! It feels counterintuitive, but I think the pose helps strengthen the muscles around the knee, so that you become more flexible with your movements.