Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Beginnings

Hello friends!

I decided it was time to revamp my blog. You see, there are changes on the horizon. As I am preparing to start school at SWIHA (The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts), I have been flooded with an overwhelming amount of great ideas of what I want my future to be. Deciding to go to school for yoga was literally a last minute decision. I have been working towards ASU for the last 2+ years and to suddenly change my mind seemed ridiculous. However, whenever I thought about going to ASU and my future studies there, something just didn't feel right. It wasn't just nervous butterflies or the thought of experiencing something new, it was anxiety, depression, a feeling of inaccuracy. Like this is not what I am suppose to be doing.

Luckily, I have some really good listeners in my life who were there to offer their support and advice. Joe (the bf to anyone who doesn't know him) was a major source of support. He helped make a pros and cons list of going to school at ASU vs SWIHA. He helped looked at things from the perspective of the future. We examined things from a financial stand point. We looked at when we wanted to have kids and how schooling would fall into place with that. I had made an appointment with SWIHA to speak with an adviser and truthfully, I just wanted to see how the experience went. Did I feel comfortable or was this not the option either.

Well, as many of you know now, SWIHA was the right choice. I was not nervous at all while speaking with the adviser and enrolling in classes (except when I signed the loan papers, but c'mon...I've never had a loan out and I think everyone would be nervous about that). At the end of the day, I became a student of the 800 hour yoga teacher/therapist program. My classes break down like so:

First 200 hours of yoga teaching (after completing this, I can legally teach a yoga class!!!)

Additional 200 hours of advanced yoga classes (this is so important as I can become more versatile and employable as a yoga teacher)

200 hours dedicated to a second certificate (I the Holistic Nutrition)

200 hours towards electives...and I don't mean boring "take a humanities class" electives, I mean awesome things like Aromatherapy Yoga, learning about the chakras, learning how to buy produce/proteins on a budget, and even teaching yoga to kids.

What I love about the classes offered at SWIHA is that there are so many classes you can take that will benefit you towards your career goals. Not like at a traditional university where you have to take certain electives or math classes even if that is the last time you will ever see the material and they aren't part of your degree. SWIHA is an accredited school, but they give you the option to shape how you want your future to go. This was just a better fit for me. that I've probably lost half of the people that started reading and bored the ones continuing to read, here is my point: this blog is here to not only document my journeys through school-I'm sure there will be many awkwardly hilarious moments as I learn yoga-but it is also a place where I can teach, give, accept, and learn things that I can use for my future goals. I want to own a yoga studio and teach people how to eat healthy and holistically on a budget. I want to change the way people feel and open their lives to one of more fulfillment and happiness. This is where I'm hoping to start all those wonderful things.

So, thank you for reading and being part of this journey. I hope you have found the wonderful feeling of peace when you know you are doing what you were put on this earth to do.

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