Monday, June 25, 2012

Green Smoothie Recipe

So, I can't express my happiness that I've finally found a green smoothie recipe that is drinkable. After two total misses, I was beginning to lose hope that I would be able to participate in the health benefits of a green smoothie. Thankfully, this morning was a total home run. So without further ado, here is the recipe:

2 giant handfuls of spinach leaves

1 small banana

8 raspberries

5 strawberries

3/4 C of pineapple

1/2 C filtered water 

A few ice cubes

All organic is the way to go if you can! I bought the strawberries and raspberries at Trader Joes and the bananas, spinach, and pineapple at Whole Foods!

Blend and enjoy!

I've had a few questions about body ph balance and why it is important. Just like with any area in your life, maintaining balance is essential to making sure things run efficiently. The foods you eat determine on the PH scale where your body will be. I posted an article a few days ago about how eating dairy totally throws your bodies balance off and makes it more acidic. This can lead to many health problems including dis-ease with the liver and kidneys. 

Here are a few articles that offer great information and more depth reasons as to why eating a balance diet means more than just maintaining your weight!




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